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CWAH welcomes individuals who have demonstrated excellence in feminist scholarship in any field related to the arts and humanities to request affiliation as either a Senior Scholar or Visiting Scholar. This program brings individuals engaging in range of activities including research, collaborations, publications, and other scholarly projects with exemplary and sustained contributions in their field to Rutgers for a short campus residency during which time they research and give a lecture to Rutgers faculty and students.

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Past Senior & Visiting Scholars

Dr. Ilene Susan Fort, 2018-2019, Senior Scholar
Márcia Oliveira, Fall 2016, Visiting Scholar
Zuzana Stefkova, Spring 2013, Senior Scholar
Dr. Ferris Olin, 2012-2015, Senior Scholar
Dr. Margot Badran, 2012-2016, Senior Scholar
Renee Spierdijk, Spring 2012, Visiting Scholar
Muriel Magenta, 2011-2012, Visiting Scholar
Anne Swartz, 2011-2012, Visiting Scholar
Hana Iverson, 2009-2011, Visiting Scholar
Gwen Raaberg, Spring 2009, Visiting Scholar