Visiting and Senior Scholars

The Center for Women in the Arts and Humanities welcomes individuals who have demonstrated excellence in feminist scholarship in any field related to the arts and humanities to request affiliation as either an Affiliated Senior Scholar or Visiting Scholar. 

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Portrait of Dr. Ilene Fort


Dr. Ilene Susan Fort
2018-2019, Senior Scholar

lecture 4/11/2018

Dr. Ilene Susan Fort, Curator Emerita, LACMA, has organized exhibitions and written on a wide range of subjects, most recently on women and Surrealism, including In Wonderland (2012) and the first posthumous retrospective on Helen Lundeberg (2016) as well as several articles on Lundeberg and Juanita Guccione (2018). Ilene Fort's scholarly research while at CWAH focuses on the few women artists in the United States who adopted the avantgarde techniques of the European Surrealists that encouraged abstraction. The exceptions were Julia Thecla, Vera Berdich, Ellen Lanyon, and Sari Dienes, all of whom eventually rejected the veristic brand of Dali and de Chirico popular during the 1930s and 1940s. Instead during the 1950s and 1960s, working sometimes in cities outside the main art center of New York, they explored the surrealist concept of automatism by expanding on innovative processes such as fumage, frottage and collage. The art of these women paralleled in time and sometimes pictorially that of the Abstract Expressionists and Process artists. By reading their archived papers and interviewing individuals who knew the artists, Fort hopes to discern if their abandonment of representation was a part of their larger intent to liberate themselves from the fixed boundaries of traditional western patriarchal society. Fort aims to determine to what extent, if any, these artists were part of the Feminist Movement in the US.



Márcia Oliveira
Fall 2016, Visiting Scholar

lecture 9/22/2016 | lecture 10/17/2016

Márcia Oliveira holds a PhD in Comparative Literature with the thesis Portuguese Women Artists in the post-Revolution Context. Currently she is an Associate Researcher at CEHUM, Braga, Portugal and has recently been awarded a post-doctorate grant by FCT for a research project on artists' books. Initially trained as a journalist, she completed a Masters in Aesthetics at Nova University of Lisbon with a thesis on Portuguese painter Paula Rego. Her research has focused on a dialogue between visual arts and feminism. Her publications include the book Arte e Feminismo em Portugal no contexto pos-revolucao (ed. Humus/CEHUM, 2015) and the articles "Is this desire? Power, Politics, and Sexuality in Paula Rego's Extreme Bodies", Journal of Romance Studies (New York: Bergham; accepted for publication), "From practice to theory: the ontological turn in 1970s feminist art", Women and the Arts: Dialogues in Female Creativity aestheticism, politics, and contemporary materialism", n.paradoxa -- International Feminist Art Journal, (volume 28, 2011).

Portrait of Zuzana Stefkova


Zuzana Stefkova
Spring 2013, Senior Scholar

Project Abstract | Interview in Art:21 Blog

The aim of my project is to analyze the intersections of gender and art pedagogy in the US context and apply my findings within the framework of Czech art institutions. I intend to research the changing position of women artists within the institutional hierarchies and explore the gendered interactions between the lecturers and students. Furthermore, I seek to analyze the various approaches to lecturing on feminist art and art made by women. In order to do that I will be using interviews (existing as well as my own) conducted with the founders of feminist art pedagogy, and today's faculty and students of art institutions, information retrieved from biographies, and study of practice and theoretical background of feminist pedagogy. From a broader perspective, this project aims to enhance our understanding of relations of gender and art education in the post-socialist environment.

Portrait of Dr. Ferris Olin


Dr. Ferris Olin
2012-2015, Senior Scholar

Ferris Olin holds a BA from Douglass College 1970, an MLS 1972, an MA 1975,  and PhD in Art History 1998, as well as a graduate certificate in Women's and Gender Studies 1988, all Rutgers University. She is a professor emerita at Rutgers University and the co-founder and co-director (with Judith K. Brodsky) of Rutgers Institute for Women and Art and The Feminist Art Project, an international effort to make visible the impact of women on culture. She also established the Miriam Schapiro Archives on Women Artists as well as the Margery Somers Foster Center, a resource center focused on documenting women's leadership in the public arena. She was curator (and later with Judith K. Brodsky) of the Mary H. Dana Women Artists Series at Rutgers founded in 1971 by Joan Snyder. Some recent publications include Stepping out of the beaten path: Feminism and the Visual Arts, SIGNS, A Journal of Women in Culture and Society 2008; Eccentric Bodies: The Body as Site for the Imprint of Age, Race, and Identity, exhibition catalogue 2007, (both with co-author Brodsky).



Dr. Margot Badran
2012-2016, Senior Scholar

Project Abstract

My project examines the art of ongoing revolution in Egypt as act or activism -- its processes, forms, and goals -- and as art as a creative product. It looks at Egyptian women as artists and activists analyzing their visual and verbal narratives of revolutionary creativity.



Renee Spierdijk
Spring 2012, Visiting Scholar
Project Abstract & Biography

Renee Spierdijk lives and works in England. As a visiting artist, Renee Spierdijk proposes to continue the exploration of her subject matter -- portraiture of girls and women, domestication, politics, and religion.

   Portrait of Muriel Magenta


Muriel Magenta
2011-2012, Visiting Scholar

Muriel Magenta is a "new genre" artist exploring the interface between various electronic media: 3D animation, video, digital graphics, net art, installation, multimedia performance, and sculpture. Her larger objective is to create a visual experience in an actual space, and then transmit it over electronic networks into virtual spaces. Conversely, Magenta produces art for the internet that she translates to gallery and theater environments.

  Portrait of Anne Swartz


Anne Swartz
2011-2012, Visiting Scholar

Anne Swartz is a professor of Art History at the Savannah College of Art and Design. She focuses on contemporary art, especially feminist artists, critical theory, and new media/new genre, in her writing, curating, and public lectures. Her main focus has been to support and advance innovative and transgressive work of both emerging and established artists whose art has not been fully examined. She's currently co-editing The Question of the Girl with Jillian St. Jacques and completing Female Sexualities in Contemporary Art, a collection of her essays, and The History of New Media/New Genre: From John Cage to Now, a survey of developments in recent art.

Portrait of Hana Iverson


Hana Iverson
2009-2011, Visiting Scholar

Neighborhood Narratives website

Neighborhood Narratives is a locative media education project, in which Iverson employs the neighborhood as social practice to explore questions about place, embodiment, and social engagement inside of mobile and other alternative forms of distribution. Iverson approaches the education environment as a communications network, situating conventional disciplines of media and art production within structures of social exchange. An important aspect of this model is its position both inside and outside of the academy and the extension of the classroom to the city, locally and internationally, via social computing and physical interfaces.

Cover of Surrealism and Women


Gwen Raaberg
Spring 2009, Visiting Scholar

Gwen Raaberg is an American literature educator, prior to her retirement she held a joint appointment with the Departments of English and Women and Gender Studies at Western Michigan University. Honors and awards include Lilly Foundation grantee, 1991-1993, National Endowment of the Humanities grantee, 1983-1985. Member Women Civic Leaders Network, Kalamazoo, 1989-1992. Member of the Modern Language Association, National Women's Studies Association, American Studies Association.