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CWAH Special Projects are thematic explorations that engage audiences with a combination of exhibitions, performances, scholarship, and networking opportunities.

Women and Creativity House Annual Student Exhibitions


* Under Construction. Check back for updates in Summer 2020!
– Momentum: Women/Art/Technology
– Fertile Crescent: Gender, Art, and Society
– Audrey Flack
– 40 Years of Women Artists: Mary H. Dana Women Artists Series Virtual Exhibit
– Feminist Masked Avengers: 30 Early Guerrilla Girls Posters and Recent Work by Guerrilla Girls, Guerrilla Girls Broadband, Guerrilla Girls on Tour!
– Declaration of Independence: Fifty Years of Art by Faith Ringgold
– Tiger by the Tail! 2008 Celebration of Women Artists of South Asia
– How American Women Invented Postmodernism, 1970-1975