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The Women Artists Archives National Directory (WAAND) directs users to archival repositories in the U.S. with collections of primary source material about women visual artists active in the U.S. after 1945. In addition to individual women artists (both U.S. and foreign born), WAAND directs users to primary source material about the organizations, collectives, publications, alternative spaces, and artists' communities where these visual artists worked or continue to work. Any individual who identifies herself or has identified herself, or has been identified by the arts community, as a visual artist is eligible for inclusion in WAAND. The intention of the project is to be as inclusive as possible. The Collections Database describes the primary source material for each artist (or organization, collective, publication, alternative space, artists' community) that is held by the repository.

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Recycle Coat by Mimi Smith

Etched in Memory: Legacy Planning for ArtistsEtched in Memory: Legacy Planning for Artists
A one-day symposium held at Alexander Library, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, on Friday, March 20, 2009.

Etched in Memory: Legacy Planning for Artists
has a complementary web resource designed to assist artists in preparing for and protecting their professional legacy through sound planning and archival practices. All artists face the issue of building and maintaining their artistic reputations and creative output. Artists can assist their surviving partners, family and friends with decisions on financial issues and estates, as well as the disposition of their personal papers, business records and artwork.  Access the Etched resources here.

Symposium Videos
Etched In Memory: Legacy Planning for Artists

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