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Healing as Justice Event Registration

HEALING AS JUSTICE with speaker Lepa Mladjenovic (feminist, lesbian, and anti-war activist) and live student Poetry Slam will take place on on Friday, April 16, 2021 at 5pm.
“Healing as Justice” is a concept that seeks justice, healing, and reparations outside of our existing justice system and in a way that centers around the needs and healing of the victims rather than the insufficient punishment of the perpetrators. The healing justice movement is a response to both individual instances of trauma and issues of generational trauma faced by certain racial groups, gender identity groups, religious groups, etc. The movement ensures that justice is regarded holistically, dealing not only with individual events but also addressing root causes of injustices, giving communities and individuals the necessary resources and power for determining and facilitating healing processes that promote recovery and resilience, and making sure healing is accessible to those at every level of economic and social privilege. Victims deserve to be the main focus of justice and to have power over their own healing.


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