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CWAH collaborates with the Rutgers’ Dance department yearly to present the CWAH Dance Lecture Series, which includes the Dance and Philosophy Annual Lecture and the Dance Studies Lecture. The series is led by Jeff Friedman, Director, MFA Dance Program, Mason Gross School of the Arts. Lectures are open to the general public and all students and faculty who wish to engage more fully with dance.

CWAH Dance and Philosophy Annual Lectures* seek to support the continued expansion of dance as both an art practice and an embodied form of creative research that is also embedded in the humanities. The lectures serve students in Rutgers’ MFA Dance degree’s course, Dance Philosophy and Aesthetics and Creative Process: Improvisation Strategies, and is in collaboration with the Rutgers’ Philosophy department.

CWAH Dance Studies Lectures bring nationally prominent women dancers to campus for a conversation with the dance department at Mason Gross School of the Arts.