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Book Release: Dismantling the Patriarchy, Bit by Bit

Congratulations to Judith K. Brodsky, founding co-director of the Institute for Women and Art and Rutgers Distinguished Professor Emerita, on the upcoming release of her book, Dismantling the Patriarchy, Bit by Bit: Art, Feminism, and Digital Technology. In this book, Brodsky discusses that female artists, including women artists of color, have been innovators in the digital art arena as early as the late 1960s when computers first became available outside of government and university laboratories. She looks at various forms of visual art that are quickly becoming the dominant art of the 21st century, examining the work of artists in such media as video (from pioneers Joan Jonas and Adrian Piper to Hannah Black today), websites and social networking (from Vera Frenkel to Ann Hirsch), virtual and augmented reality art (Jenny Holzer to Hyphen-Lab), and art using artificial intelligence. She also documents the work of female-identifying, queer, transgender, and Black and brown artists including Legacy Russell and Micha Cárdenas, who are not only innovators in digital art but also transforming technology itself under the impact of feminist theory. Published by Bloomsbury.

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