The Fertile Crescent:
Gender, Art, and Society

August 2012 - January 2013

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State of the Arts New Jersey - "The Fertile Crescent: Gender, Art, and Society: Women artists from the middle east challenge stereotypes" (Air Date: October 21, 2012)

State of the Arts New Jersey - "Sigalit Landau and Zeina Barakeh introduce their videos" (Air Date: October 21, 2012)


New Jersey Arts News - "24 Women Artists share their Middle Eastern Experience at Rutgers, Princeton" (Air Date: October 26, 2012)


Rutgers Today -"Fertile Crescent Exhibition Comes to Rutgers" (Air Date: August 21, 2012)



Radio / Podcasts

Jersey Arts - (Downloadable Podcast) "The Fertile Crescent Women Artists From The Middle East" (Novemeber 2012) - Radio interview with Judith K. Brodsky and Ferris Olin (October 13, 2012) 


Articles (in alphabetical order by publication)

Across Cultures, "The Art of Beauty," Oct. 26, 2012 (pdf)

Ahram Online, "Female artists from the Middle East take on New Jersey," Sep. 3, 2012 (pdf)

Art in America, "Crescent Women," Feb. 2013 (pdf)

Art Times, "Culturally Speaking," Aug. 2012 (pdf)

Artbook, "The New York Times Holiday Gift Guide Recommends Fertile Crescent," Dec. 6, 2012 (pdf)

ArtDaily, "Book announcement," Aug. 12, 2012 (pdf)

Artful Blogger, "Living work of art," Feb. 16, 2012 (pdf)

-- "Memory of Here, Memory of There," Sep. 8, 2012 (pdf)

Artis, "Fertile Crescent: Gender, Art, and Society," Fall 2012 (pdf)

ArtNews, "Lifting the Veil," Oct. 2012 (pdf)

Central New Jersey Sun, "West Windsor Arts Center Exhibit Opening," Aug. 8, 2012 (pdf)

Daily Targum, "Exhibit Showcases Middle Eastern Art," Sep. 7, 2012 (pdf)

-- "Fertile Crescent Project," Sep. 14, 2012 (pdf)

-- "Festival addresses Iranian Women's Rights," Nov. 29, 2012 (pdf)

-- "Israeli artist presents work at U. lecture," Sep. 11, 2012 (pdf)

Feminist Trajectories, "Signs Virtual Issue on Visibility and Visuality: Reframing Gender in the Middle East, North Africa, and their Diasporas," Spring 2013 (pdf)

Jewish Daily Forward, "Exhibit Focuses on Middle Eastern Women Artists," Oct. 16, 2012 (pdf)

Ms. Magazine, "The Fertile Crescent: Gender, Art, and Society," Spring/Summer 2012 (pdf)

Muslim Societies in Asia and the Pacific, "The Fertile Crescent-Gender, Art, and Society," Sep. 6, 2012 (pdf)

My Central Jersey, "Snapshot of a Civilization," Sep. 9, 2012 (pdf)

National Museum of Women in the Arts Magazine, "The Fertile Crescent," Fall 2012 (pdf)

New York Public Library, "An Art Book," 2012 (pdf)

Newsworks, "Challenging stereotypes of Middle Eastern women," Aug. 28, 2012 (pdf)

NJ Jewish News, "A debate over portrayals of Orthodox women," Oct. 3, 2012 (pdf)

-- "Arts festival focuses on women in the Mideast," Sep. 25, 2012 (pdf)

-- "Bridge Building Artist," Oct. 3, 2012 (pdf)

NJ Monthly, "Fertile Idea for an Exhibition," July 16, 2012 (pdf), "Princeton Symphony Orchestra to perform Aaron Jay Kernis's Colored Field," Nov. 2, 2012 (pdf)

New York Times, "Between Two Covers," Nov. 20, 2012 (pdf)

-- "From the Middle East a Rarely Heard Chorus," Aug. 31, 2012 (pdf)

-- "Here's Looking at You Conceptualism," Sep. 6, 2012 (pdf)

-- "Spare Times November 9-15," Nov. 8, 2012 (pdf)

Photo District News, "Photo of the Day," Nov. 20, 2012 (pdf)

Princeton Magazine, "Model of Collaboration," Oct. 2012 (pdf)

Princeton Public Library, "Fertile Crescent," Sep. 15, 2012 (pdf)

Princeton Sun, "Hitting the right note," Nov. 14, 2012 (pdf)

Princeton University Art Museum, "Interview with Judy and Ferris," 2012 (pdf)

-- "Q & A: Laila Shawa," 2012 (pdf)

-- "Q & A: Sigalit Landau," 2012 (pdf)

Publishers Weekly, "Fertile Crescent Review," Nov. 2012 (pdf)

Ragazine, "Feminist Art of the Middle East," Oct. 2012 (pdf)

Rutgers Focus, "Fertile Crescent exhibit offers insight," Aug. 2012 (pdf)

Rutgers Magazine, "The Art of a Woman," Winter 2013 (pdf)

Rutgers Today, "Impassioned Art by Middle Eastern women set to intrigue," Oct. 23, 2012 (pdf)

SIGNS, "Visibility and Visuality," Dec. 11, 2012 (Virtual Issue)

Star Ledger, "Fertile Crescent series examines women in the Middle East," Aug. 30, 2012 (pdf)

Time Off, "Fertile Crescent," Oct. 7, 2012 (pdf)

Town Topics, "Once Upon a time in the Fertile Crescent," Oct. 4, 2012 (pdf)

-- "Remarkable collaboration will present the Fertile Crescent Exhibit and Events," July 4, 2012 (pdf)

U.S. 1, "The Arts Gender Gap," Aug. 29, 2012 (pdf), "Featured Events," Fall 2012 (pdf)

West Windsor and Plainsboro News, "On Stage and On the Walls," Aug. 24, 2012 (pdf)




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Parastou Forouhar, Friday (Freitag), 2003
Aludobond, 4 panels, each 86 x 170 cm
Image courtesy of the artist and RH Gallery

image image image image image